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Operating Hours

  • Vacation Care: 6am - 6pm
  • Before School Care: 6am - 8.40am
  • After Shool Care: 3pm - 6pm
  • Pupil Free Day: 6am - 6pm


WOSHC is located at the rear of the 'top staff car park', Wondall Heights State School, 260 Wondall Rd, Manly West. 

The top car park will be open for drop off and pick up during vacation care.  During school days the top car park may be used for drop off only prior to 7am and pick up only after 5pm.



Sun Smart

Each child must have a sun smart hat.  Sunscreen is normally provided by WOSHC.  WOSHC operates under a "no hat - no outside play" policy.

Phone: 07  3668 0688 (will automatically divert to WOSHC mobile 0490 317 601 as required)